Individual press seal

with segmented ring technology

For use in wall insert and plastic flange HSI 150. Split design for sealing new cables to be installed or cables that have already been laid and various frequently recurring cable configurations. The individual seal with segmented rings enables the cable diameter to be adjusted on site. A number of individual seals can be replaced by a single universal seal.


Dimensions: Sealing width: 60 mm; Press plates: 5 mm; OD: 150 /160 mm

FHRK-Standard: 60

Tightness: Gastight and watertight


Features: Tailor-made to meet requirements ; Segmented ring technology for individual adjustment to cable diameters on site; Form-locked connection to bayonet, therefore integrated tear-out protection; Also suitable for sealing TRI-Delta cables

Article Code: HRD150/160 SGi b60

Brand: Hauff-Technik



Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

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