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Basic variant with inner seal

for buildings with a basement

For the collective feeding in and sealing of all supply lines (power/water/telecommunications/gas). The MSH PolySafe GV1 is a basic module supplemented with the following separately available section sealing elements, modules or the MSH PolySafe wall sleeve: - MSH PolySafe sealing element set (section sealing elements) - Module 1: External sealing element for waterproof concrete walls without additional damp-proofing - Module 1.2: External sealing element with outer flange for integration in existing building damp-proofing - Module 3: Insulation plate for insertion in existing perimeter insulation - Module 6: External sealing element with 90 mm sealing width for double/element walls without additional damp-proofing - Module 6.2: External sealing element with outer flange for integration in existing building damp-proofing in double/element walls - MSH PolySafe wall sleeve: Wall sleeve with integrated external sealing, no additional modules required Additional supplements are possible.


Dimensions: Sealing width: 60 mm; Compatible with core drill ID: 199 mm - 203 mm; Maximum wall thickness: 500 mm (special lengths on request)

Wall thickness: 220 - 500

Material: Inner seal: Fibre-glass reinforced polyamide/EPDM; Sleeve pipes: PVC; Screws: stainless steel V2A (AISI 304L)

Load case: Waterproof concrete stress class 1; Waterproof concrete stress class 2; DIN 18533 W1.1-E; DIN 18533 W1.2-E; DIN 18533 W2.1-E

Tightness: Gastight and watertight to 1 bar

Tests/Standards: DVGW VP 601


Features: Testable reliability in double/element walls due to built-in leakage test facility; Reliable installation due to front panel with integrated spirit level; Visual installation reliability due to built-in inspection opening

Article Code: MSH PolySafe GV2

Article number: 1560000002

GTIN: 4052487162692

Brand: Hauff-Technik



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